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Laura Dempsey, PhD

Dr. Laura Dempsey has served as a provider, health administrator and community volunteer for nearly 50 years. After completing two master’s degrees, she earned a Ph.D. in health administration and public policy at Cornell University and completed a fellowship with the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation on nurse practice policy. From LA to New York, she has held a number of clinical, teaching and administrative positions in the fields of health and human services, returning to Tulsa to accept the position of Director for the Tulsa Area Alliance on Disabilities and to help found the Oklahoma Policy Consortium for Persons with Disabilities with the Community Service Council.

In 2012, Dr. Dempsey moved from an executive position with LIFE Senior Services to Morton Comprehensive Health Services, where she served as a Vice President on the executive team for the largest community health center and FQHC system in NE Oklahoma until 2018. Dr. Dempsey currently remains active as a community volunteer for numerous United Way and community boards while serving as the executor for Dempsey Associates, her family’s business. In 2014, Laura was nominated to serve on both the National Association of Community Health Centers’ Health Policy and Elder Services’ committees. Laura is a Tulsa Woman of the Year, Pinnacle, Watchman, and an AARP awardee and in 2015, she was honored as a Journal Record Woman. She is the proud mother of a daughter who lives in Providence Rhode Island.