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All funds received through this campaign will go directly to support our new Afghan neighbors directly including, but not limited to, paying rent, providing furniture and/or household items, providing clothing and/or personal items, and providing legal services for the filing of immigration status.


  • To Volunteer for any of these 3 jobs listed below please email and put Volunteer in the Subject. 



  • How You Can Help
  • This will be a marathon, not a sprint, so we’ll need long-term, committed help, whether that is through donations of resources or your time spent volunteering.


    Below are the main areas where we anticipate needing you the most:  

    Furniture – new or GENTLY used furniture will be needed to furnish homes.  

    Beds are highest priority, then chairs, tables, couches, lamps, etc. 

    ALL furniture donations should be registered with Catholic Charities at:


    Additional items we are collecting:

    • Phones, tablets – gently used or new
    • Calling cards 
    • Adult Clothing (new or gently used, please)
      • Women – focus on long skirts, long loose trousers, long-sleeved blouses, long dresses, scarves 
      • Men – focus on trousers, shirts, jackets
    • PPE – face masks, hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes and spray, hand soap 
    • Hygiene Products 
      • Menstrual products, especially pads 
      • Shower/bath products 
      • Toothbrushes, toothpaste 
      • Clean, new underclothes 
    • Baby Products 
      • Diapers 
      • Formula 
      • Clothing 
    • Children’s Goods 
      • Clothing 
      • Toys, gently used/new 
    • Winter gear – adults and children (Beginning in October) 


    (these kinds of donations can be dropped off at the Fellowship Congregational UCC Office, 2900 S. Harvard Avenue, Monday through Thursday between the hours of 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM, or by appointment.)

    Email or call 918-747-7777 for more information:


    This will be an ongoing need and we anticipate needing volunteers in the following areas:

    • Transportation: being willing to drive families to and from important appointments or to run errands
    • Welcome Committees: Meeting families at the airport, greeting them on arrival.
    • Donation sorting and cataloguing: Helping at the Catholic Charities office or through TMM (at various sites) to sort, catalogue, and package donations. You will be emailed separately when we are ready to bring you in.
    • To Volunteer for any of these 3 jobs please email and put Volunteer in the Subject. 
    • *ALL volunteers who will come into contact with refugees must go through a special training and screening.
    • ALL volunteers MUST be vaccinated and MAY be required to follow COVID protocols regardless of vaccination status.

Special Needs:

If you are in the following fields, you may be uniquely equipped to provide vital services to our new friends:

  • Medical – doctors, nurses, clinicians, particularly those who serve uninsured patients
  • Mental Health Care – especially those with culturally relevant background/experiences, and/or experience in trauma
  • Legal – lawyers, law students, legal support or professionals
  • Education – teachers, whether active or retired; school administration, and especially those with ESL/ELL training
  • Advocacy – particularly in the areas of disability rights, DV/SA protection, and public policy
  • Housing – access to apartments, single-family homes, or duplexes capable of housing families (subsidies and/or other financial assistance may be available)
  • Church or Community Center – access to a large space such as a gym or fellowship hall; use of a bus or van


If this sounds like you, send an email directly to  to find out more about the opportunities in these areas.